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Retail Services

Thank you Matt Podunajec from Four Labs Woodworking for creating a beautiful custom desk and retail area.  Designer bowls by Liz Lurie Pottery.  

Tennis Racket and Ball

Stringing, Racquet Sales and Retail

A quality tennis pro shop has the retail knowledge to hear what you need, the skills to provide that product or service, and the desire to build that relationship for several years to come.  It all started with a 13 year old learning to string and grip his broken racquets just to play a "game". He never would have imagined later in his life, he would attend meetings at the #1 tennis company in the world providing input on future racquet models.
Racquet and string fitting is unique to each player for the best results.  It's not done online, in a sporting goods store, or by someone that simply doesn't know your game.  This in-depth, technical racquet knowledge is available right here at Alolo TENNIS.  If you want to play better or pain free tennis, stop in to meet with us.



Alolo provides racquet stringing for all levels of players.  We have an electronic stringer that is accurate to within a tenth of a pound or a crank/lock out stringer if you prefer.  Brian draws from his personal knowledge and time with Wilson Racquet Sports to provide clients with the best stringing choices available.  The experience of working first hand with the best stringers in the world and ATP/WTA players and coaches, gives Alolo insight that is second to none in Upstate NY.  We carry the finest multifilament, polyester, and synthetic gut options in the industry.  If you're looking for more power, control, or injury relief from your strings, come in for a personal fitting.

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Racquet Sales

Your racquet should feel like an extension of your arm.  Fitting you with the right model, grip size, and string is the foundation to loving your tennis experience.  If you play with the right equipment from the beginning, everything else seems to fall right into place.  Alolo has all major brands, demos, and string options to get you properly fitted.  All clients can use a demo during a lesson or play at the Barn.  Feel confident on the pricing, as all other advertised prices and deals will be met or exceeded by Alolo.  Contact us and set up a racquet fitting session with Brian today!

Racquet Sales

Alolo carries its own logo merchandise at the Barn.  We can also order any tennis products out on the market and have it to you in a few days.  Our relationships with manufacturers, wholesalers, and online dealers reaches across the United States.  Don't buy anything until you speak with us first.  CAZ Pass holders and lesson clients receive retail discounts and should have the best products available to enhance their playing experience.          


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