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    The name "Alolo" comes from a combination of our daughters names, Alex and Logann.  They have been a driving force in our lives and now Alolo begins a new chapter for our family.  Our goal is to permanently change and grow the game of tennis in Cazenovia and Central New York.  This is done through high level coaching, year round indoor court access, professionally fitted equipment and most importantly developing a quality network of players at all levels.    

    We believe that tennis is all about PASSION.  All of us have things in our life that drive us to improve everyday.  Brian has felt that passion grow as a player, stringer, racquet technician, USPTA Elite Professional, USTA Safe Play Certified Professional, retailer, manufacturer representative, and now as a family business owner.  That perspective from all facets of tennis gives Brian insight into what players need to truly enjoy the game. The passion for all sports that Brian and Lesley have, especially for children and teens, has spilled over into tennis and softball for their daughters.     

    We think that you should enjoy your time playing tennis or chasing whatever passion makes you happy.  If you LOVE an active sport, being part of a strong player network, and having guidance on how to get the most out of your ability we have just the place for you. 

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